ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly standing committees meetings of different ministries on important matters have been resumed partially after the break of around two months.

The opposition has seemingly convinced the National Assembly Speaker to allow holding at least important standing committees’ meetings other than the days of National Assembly session.

The standing committee meetings were suspended around two months ago with the order of Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser. The sudden declaration was issued citing ‘austerity measures’ to save extra expenditure.

The opposition parties, soon after the decision, strongly criticised the step in and outside the parliament. They argued that the decision would prove irrational, as it had never happened in the parliamentary history in the past.

“The legislative business would suffer if the standing committees not perform their work regularly,” PML-N’s parliamentary leader Khwaja Asif had commented at the floor of the house, criticising the decision taken by the Speaker National Assembly to suspend standing committees.

Other main opposition parties had opposed the decision, saying the proper discussions on the bills could not be held by not holding standing committees meetings on the regular basis.

Some of the opposition parties’ members had also commented the decision was taken to avoid entry of arrested members to participate in the standing committees. The arrested members of standing committees can participate in the meetings with the permission of chairman on production orders.

PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, PML-N senior leader Khwaja Saad Rafique had initially attended some of the meetings on production orders but latter the speaker issued the directive to suspend the parliamentary committee other than the national assembly session.

The opposition, sources said, held number of meetings with Speaker National Assembly convincing him to at least allow for holding important parliamentary meetings of different ministries.

Parliamentary sources said the National Assembly Speaker has finally given permission to hold important meetings other than the days of national assembly proceedings, after discussion with him. Some of the National Assembly Standing Committees have been held in the last week and schedule of some other have also been issued.

The parliamentary officials said that the important standing committee meetings were never barred by the speaker. It was conveyed the important meetings could regularly be held with the permission of the Speaker National Assembly.