PESHAWAR - Political Agent, Frontier Region Peshawar, Naveed Akbar has said that Taliban have so far made no demand for exchange of 22 Levies personnel, however the political administration has set a 3-day deadline to tribal elders for the safe recovery of the officials.

Talking to TheNation, Assistant Political Agent, Frontier Region Peshawar, Naveed Akbar said that the jirga of political administration with tribal elders of Jana Kora and Hasan Khail tribe was held in the office of District Coordination Officer Peshawar where officers of the political administration and tribal elders of the Hasan Khail tribe and Jana Kora area discussed ways and means to recover the kidnapped personnel.

He said that tribal elders were asked to play their due role in safe recovery of the kidnapped personnel of Levies. Tribal elders on this occasion assured the political administration of Frontier Region Peshawar that they would try their best to hold dialogues with militants for the safe recovery of the kidnapped personnel.  The tribal elders demanded three days deadlines from the political administration, which was accepted by Assistant Political Agent Naveed Akbar. Assistant Political Agent further said that till Monday, the Jirga members would inform the govt regarding further development.  When asked that weather Taliban has contacted them for any demand, he said that so far they have not offered any demand in exchange of the kidnapped Levies personnel.

On Thursday night, militants attacked three check posts of Levies and inflicted heavy losses to these Levies check posts. Equipped with sophisticated weapons and rockets, militants stormed the area of Jana Kora and Hassan Khail tribe, which resulted in killing of two Levies personnel and injuring of one other.  Besides, the militants also kidnapped 22 personnel and took them to unknown location and carried away weapons and other valuables from these check posts. In the wake of deteriorated law and order situation Assistant Political Agent Naveed Akbar summoned a jirga of tribal elders to chalk out plane for the safe recovery of Levies personnel. The tribal jirga has been given three days deadline for the safe recovery of Levies personnel.

It is pertinent to mention here that several times Taliban militants had attacked these outer check posts in the frontier region Peshawar, however so far government failed to foil such attacks.