ISLAMABAD - The executive committee of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) held its meeting on Friday without the President who has been given show-cause notice by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services.

According to officials Dr Asim Hussain, Federal Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources who is a vice president of PMDC had called the meeting that is against the constitution of the PMDC as only the President can summon the meeting. They alleged that the government wants to highjack the council election of PMDC to appoint their own people to manipulate the decisions of PMDC in their favour.

One of the officials requesting not to be named informed that the President Dr Sibtul Hasnain has also moved the Islamabad High Court against the show-cause notice and the decision is still awaited. The meeting of the Executive committee should not have been called till the court decides anything.

“It never happened in the history of PMDC. In the meeting the members also leveled corruption charges against Registrar of PMDC Nadeem Ahmad Akber but he denied the allegations. It is expected that he might also be served show-cause notice like the president. Dr Asim presented its resignation just to show that he has no interest in the position of the president but the committee members refused to accept it,” informed officials.  

According officials, the Parliament had appointed a seven-member cabinet in PMDC as an interim setup to hold elections to elect 80-member council of PMDC. And the President of that setup cannot be removed by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services.

The show-cause notice was meant to remove Dr Sibtul Hasnain from his position because of differences with Dr Asim and the main issue is financial capital involved in the business of private medical colleges.