ISLAMABAD - The employees and heads of five departments of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) continued their strike on Friday against the interference of board chairperson’s husband in the official affairs.

The employees went on indefinite strike on Thursday when the husband of FBISE Chairperson Shaheen Khan misbehaved with head of research department of the Board, Zulfikar Rizvi, when he went to discuss an official matter with the chairperson.

“The head of research department went to the office of Chairperson to discuss a file. Chairperson’s husband, Col (Retd) Zafar, who as usual was present in her office interfered in the matter. On which head research department questioned in what capacity he was interfering in secret official matters because he was not an employee of the board. Chairperson’s husband shouted at research department head and he also responded to his misbehavior,” informed one of the employees.

The employees alleged that the interference has increased because the chairperson has been residing in Board’s guesthouse with her family that was actually constructed in the premises of the board for the examiners who come from other cities. She has occupied the guesthouse and also receiving rent of Rs 100,000 from board’s funds on self-hiring basis and her own house in F-10 is lying vacant.

According to employees it has become a routine matter that her husband interferes in all the official matters, use official vehicles, and threatens the lower grade employees to obey his orders. “We have complained before as well and the chairperson has given in writing and verbally that she will vacate the guesthouse and her husband will not interfere in board‘s matters but nothing happened. We have no option but to go on strike.”

The employees said they have only one-point agenda that they will not start work until the guesthouse is vacated. “We have not stopped the work of examination and students related activities but only day to day affairs of the board that will not be restored till this interferences is ended,” they added.

According to information, the chairperson sent board secretary to negotiate with the employee and she will vacate the guesthouse within 15 days but the employees refused to accept the commitment, saying that such commitments were made in the past too but she did not fulfill any of them.

The chairperson when contacted said actually there are two groups the one that is holding strike is quite influential and through negotiations the issue will be resolved soon. The other group is not on strike and performing its duties.