ISLAMABAD – Believe it or not, Islamabad capital police not only refused to lodge First Information Report against an influential police officer of KPK but also declined to provide security to stepmother of KPK Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti.

After receiving threatening calls from none other than an influential police officer of KPK operating under the nose of her stepson, Shamim Kiyani, stepmother of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CM, lodged a complaint with Kohsar Police Station on December 18, 2012, asking the police to register FIR and also provide her adequate security.

However, the desperate lady never heard back from officials of Islamabad Capital Territory police since then.

“I am receiving threatening calls from the unknown numbers daily. I have reported to Kohsar Police Station and even indentified the people behind these calls, however, police are yet to process my application,” Shamim told TheNation on Friday.

Shamim, who is a renowned social worker, also approached the Islamabad Police chief on December 18, 2012, seeking immediate protection against the hooligan police official, Rajab Ali, who is quite infamous for threatening and torturing people for personal gains and had been under investigation in the past for his undesirable activities, but to her surprise, police chief too, did not respond to her plight.”

“I approached Inspector general of Islamabad Capital territory police seeking protection and his help regarding registration of FIR against accused, however, got cold response,” Shamim said.

The Inspector General of Islamabad police, however, refused to speak on the matter when this correspondent contacted him, saying the matter was under discussion. 

According to victim, she was receiving threatening calls for pursuing a lawsuit filed against her husband in the high court for the recovery of money on the basis of a negotiable instrument pertaining to her dowry.

Earlier this month, Shamim brought a lawsuit against her husband in the high court for the recovery of money on the basis of a negotiable instrument pertaining to her dowry. The matter made headlines in the national media.

In her application - a copy of which is also available with The Nation - to the Islamabad police inspector general, Shamim stated, “It all started on December 10, 2012, the date when the high court issued a notice to my husband, directing him to appear before it on January 22, 2013. The same night, I started receiving life threatening calls from Rajab Ali.”

She added that caller, who had the audacity to introduce himself as a police officer, threatened her of serious consequences if she didn’t withdraw the ‘Haq Mehr’ (dower money or a set financial sum given to wife at the time of the marriage) case forthwith.

“You are risking your life, Shamim” was the last sentence she could hear over telephone as she trembled from head to toe with fear in the dead of the night. “For obvious reasons, I went through immense stress and strain,” she said in her application.

Threatened by a rowdy policeman and abandoned by her custodian, Shamim approached the Kohsar Police Station and filed a complaint against Rajab Ali.

In her application, she requested the inspector general to immediately take notice of the life threats and make arrangements for her security.

“Respected Sir, I fail to see how a sitting police officer can threaten a helpless woman, who happens to be the wife of a prominent senator and senior ANP leader. I would hasten to add here this direct and unequivocal threat to my life could not have come at a worst time, as presently I am looking after my ailing mother, who is fighting for her life.

You will appreciate that knowing Rajab Ali’s precursors and hearing him loud and clear by phone threatening me with dire consequences including murder, I am unable to perform daily chores, including taking care of my bed-ridden old mother. My professional life as a journalist is also badly affected by this constant psychologically torturous predicament,” Shamim writes to the IGP.

However, she is yet to get response from Islamabad Capital territory police.