SADIQABAD - MNA Arshad Khan Leghari and former MPA Azhar Khan Leghari called on Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif at Lahore and informed him of the problems being faced by the people of constituency NA-197, besides discussing the political scenario of district RY Khan. On the occasion, the CM said that funds for the development projects recommended by the MNA to solve the problems of the people of Sadiqabad had been issued while more funds would be released. Moreover, he added, to provide basic facilities to the people at their doorsteps, more funds were being released.  The CM acknowledged the the local leaders’ services to strengthen the PML-N and announced that Mr Arshad would be his party candidate from the constituency for the general elections. “The services rendered by the Leghari brothers during the last five years to organise and strengthen the party and to ensure its success in RY Khan are commendable, In recognition of his services, the PML-N ticket for the NA-197 would be awarded to Mr Arshad, Insha’Allah,” he said.“The PML-N will get victories across the country and form governments on in the Centre as well as the four provinces. The PML-N under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif will has become the strongest political force of the country,” he said, expressing hope the the only his party could steer the country out of crises.  The CM termed RY Khan a stronghold of the PML-N, saying that the party candidates would make a clean sweep of the district level elections as well.