LAHORE – The Opposition on Friday proposed setting up a tax counter in Punjab Assembly, besides appointing an adviser to guide the members over the tax issues.

Opposition member, Dr Samaya Amjad made this proposal during the 43rd session of the Punjab Assembly claiming that all the elected representatives pay their taxes but don’t keep the tax returns.

The session of the assembly started with Acting Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed in the chair, while Punjab Irrigation Minister Ahmed Ali Aulakh responded to various queries during the question hour.

Treasury member Ijaz Ahmed Khan presented an out-of-turn resolution to condemn the attacks on the polio teams, besides immediate resumption of the anti-polio drive, which was adopted by unanimously by the house.  Another treasury member Kamal Chugtai, on a point of order, said that loadshedding of 18 long hours had been conducted during the Christmas celebrations.

Aulakh told the house while responding to queries that after the passage of 18th amendment, Punjab government has initiated projects of 55 small dams, while 15 percent work on three dams has been completed. He added that feasibility of 18 more small dams was prepared.  Replying to a query of Seemal Kamran, the minister said that three small dams namely Sorha Dam, Ararmughlan Dam and Chahan Dam has been started this year and these projects would be completed on June 30, 2014.

Responding to a question of Munawar Ghous, he said that schedule for de-silting would be made soon and claimed that the process would be completed according to the schedule.  Treasury member, Mian Rafique taking up the issue of water theft said that a committee to look after this issue has made three proposals to deal with the matter of which the most important stressed upon a legislation increasing the fines and punishments for the water thieves. Opposition members protested against late reply from various departments of their queries, while Rana Mashhood expressing displeasure over this attitude said that such behaviour tantamount to contempt of the house.

General discussion on reports of development authorities under the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 for the year 2009-2010 was also initiated by the house, while the session was adjourned by the Acting Speaker till Monday 3:00 pm due to the completion of the time.