LAHORE – Expressing serious concerns over the situation in Balochistan and the government’s failure to resolve the problem, PML-N Senator Tariq Azim has said that it is a responsibility of incumbent rulers to take charge of the affairs and initiate confidence building measures to bring the disgruntled Baloch leaders and youngsters to the table.

Azeem stated on Friday, that ignoring the gravity of the situation the PPP is busy politicking and hatching conspiracies to stay in power and manipulate the upcoming polls.

Without an opposition leader since 2008, the PPP as now appointed a dummy opposition leader in form of Tariq Magsi, the brother of sitting governor. He said the manner, in which Balochistan Assembly Speaker Aslam Bhootani had been removed, it negated PPP’s claims about champion of democracy.

He said the PML-N wants nationalists forces be brought to the mainstream politics.