MULTAN - Agri Forum Pakistan Chairman Muhammad Ibrahim Moghal anticipated on Friday that the farmers would benefit from recent rains as the downpour would save them at least Rs10 billion.“This heavy amount was to be spent on diesel and electricity bills for running tube-wells. However, now the farmers are in a position to save this money,” he added while talking to the journalists. He said that wheat was sown on 20 million acres of land, fodder one million acres, vegetables 1.6 million acres, gram 2.5 million acres, orchards 1.6 million acres and other crops one million acres. “Almost all of these lands are watered naturally and five to eight percent increase in the crop is estimated,” he added.He suggested to the farmers to use one bag of DAP and half Urea for each acre during rains if they had not used phosphoric fertilizers at the time of sowing. He asked the government to convince farmers to sow sunflower on one million acres and corn 1.5 million acres this year. The country can save up to Rs300 billion spent on edible oil this way,” he claimed.