OKARA - In different incidents of theft in the district, three motorcycles, cell phones, gold ornaments, cattle and cash were looted.As per details, the first incident of theft took place in 31/4 L where unknown thieves lifted Saqib Shehzad Khan’s motorcycle parked outside the house. In another incident, unknown burglars sneaked into the house of Abdul Manan in Abadi Ahmadpur and took away Rs30,000 along with a motorcycle standing in the courtyard. In yet another incident, three  unidentified thieves took away motorcycle and cattle worth Rs100,000 from the house of Mohammad Mumta in village Ram Pershad. Meanwhile, three thieves lifted cattle worth thousands of rupees from the house of Bashir Ahmad in Doala Mustakeem. Similarly, in another incident of theft took place at the house of Mumtaz Ahmad in Qadirabad area where three thieves took away goats along with appliances and cash worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.  Meanwhile, in Basti Rahim Bukhash, burglars broke into the shop of Nadeem Hussain and took away gold ornaments and cash.