LAHORE - PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain has said that those making Pakistan's joining Saudi Arabia-led Islamic Military Alliance controversial are not well-wishers of Pakistan.

In a statement yesterday, he said Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were linked with each other through infallible relations of Islamic brotherhood. Whenever security of Pakistan was threatened by any external and internal element, Saudi Arabia had not waited for any formal request from Pakistan for assistance, he added.

Ch Shujaat said Saudi Arabia had made it clear that religious sectarianism had nothing to do with Islamic Military Alliance and it will work against terrorism without any sectarian discrimination.

“The biggest religious educational institution of the world Al-Azhar University has also welcomed formation of the Islamic Military Alliance. But despite this if some elements are raising objection on Pakistan's joining of the IMA then their only objective is to create misunderstandings between the people of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,” he said.

Shujaat said the Foreign Office should avoid issuing ambiguous and irresponsible statements in this regard and should categorically support alliance and defend Pakistan's inclusion in it.