Low pressure of Sui gas has multiplies miseries of people in the prevailing cold and housewives across Hafizabad district have called on the SNGPL to improve pressure of the gas.

Low pressure of sui gas has badly affected the domestic affairs in this cold weather. The housewives are facing great difficulties in cooking meals for their families, particularly in the morning. They have called upon the authorities to take notice of the ordeal being faced by them owning to the low gas pressure and take prompt remedial measures to improve pressure of gas.

Meanwhile, villagers of Kolo Tarar, the native village of State Minister Saira Afzal Tarar, have protested against the apathetic attitude of the Gepco authorities for their failure to restore electricity to half of the population of the village including Mohallah Joian, Mohallah Sheikhan, Mohallah Syedan and adjacent localities for the past four days. They said that four days ago, a tractor trolley dashed against an electric pole and authorities have recovered fine of Rs20,000 from tractor owner but since then the authorities have failed to restore the power supply to them causing multiple problems. They have demanded restoration of power supply without further delay.