KARACHI : Rangers on Monday claimed to have gunned down 152 hardened criminals and terrorists during Karachi targeted operations in 2015.

12 Rangers officials were also killed during the operations during the outgoing year 2015.

According to progress summary, Rangers carried out 2,410 operations and raids in various localities of the City during the year. Rangers apprehended 4,074 criminals and terrorists and other anti-social elements. As many as 2,198 suspects were arrested and formally handed over to the police for prosecution including 887 terrorists of various outlawed militant organisations, 268 target killers, 97 extortionists, 49 kidnappers.

Rangers progress summary further revealed that 2,765 weapons were also recovered during the operation including machine guns, light machine guns, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, G-3 rifles, shotguns, pistols, RPG-7 rockets launchers, uni barrel rocket launchers with ammo, avan bombs, IEDs, explosives, detonators, hand grenades and bulletproof jackets.

Rangers recovered 1,92,944 rounds of ammunition of different calibre during operation in the year 2015. A Rangers’ spokesperson pointed out that at least 69 encounters took place during the year while 152 hardened criminals and terrorists were killed during these encounters. Rangers said that at least a dozen Rangers personnel were martyred during various terrorist attacks while 20 others were wounded. Rangers also recovered 18 abductees during the year.–Our Staff Reporter