Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Maulana Muhammad Sherani and Maulana Tahir Ashrafi engaged in a heated debate and physical fight during a meeting of the council, Waqt News reported. “The fight started on the issue of Ahamdis,” media reported.

According to media sources, during the meeting a point regarding Ahmadis became the point of contention. Tahir Ashrafi claimed that the Ahmadiyya issue wasn't a sectarian as Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslims in the Pakistani Constitution. “I have never instigated the Ahmadi issue but few people are naming me in the issue. I want to know about their identities,” Ashrafi said.

On this point Maulana Sherani asked him to keep quiet but Tahir Ashrafi refused to do so. A heated debate ensued, according to reports. Other participants asked to stop the meeting for some time but Sherani ordered to continue the meeting, reports added. Both continued to fight and even got into a physical clash. The participants separated them and tried to settle the issue, according to media reports.

While talking to the media Tahir Ashrafi has said that Sherani has always tried to make the council controversial. "I was just trying to clear my stance when he stood up from his seat. He and his companions attacked me," he claimed.

Meanwhile, Sherani has said that news of attacking and torture on Ashrafi are baseless. "I don't want to discuss the internal issues of meeting but Ashrafi and Maulana Qasmi started the brawl," he claimed.