The district police are being transformed into a professional force and equipped with modern techniques for crime investigation and combating criminals in an effective manner.

Bahawalnagar District Police Officer Shariq Kamal Siddiqui stated during an exclusive chat with The Nation on Monday. The top cop declared that there is no place for criminals and all-out efforts are being made to purge the district of crime. He pledged that no effort would be spared for maintaining law and order in the district. The DPO claimed that the district police are being equipped with modern techniques for crime investigation and being purged of black sheep. The policemen have been strictly directed to pay full heed to public complaints and behave with complainants sensibly. Shariq Kamal said that he aims at improving police image and restoring public confidence and trust in the department.

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He, however, pointed out that all efforts in this regard would be fruitless without the fair cooperation of media, public and other segments of society. He said that cops are directed to keep vigilant eye on any stranger, while public should also inform police about any suspicious activity occur in their surroundings. He termed martyred cops crown of the police department, saying that their sacrifices would be remembered forever. He also lauded media’s role towards betterment of society and urged the mediamen to team up with the police for the elimination of crime.