Many university students have protested against the amended Citizenship Act. In New Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia University led the rallies, later joined by Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Aligarh Muslim University in India’s Uttar Pradesh and Jadavpur University in West Bengal have also witnessed protests.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said today’s youth hates “instability and anarchy” and announced the coming decade will mark the development of a nation driven by the capabilities of young people.

Speaking during his 60th edition of monthly public addresses, on Sunday, the prime minister said: “In the coming decade, young India will play a key role. Today's youth believes in the system and also has an opinion on a wide range of issues. I consider this to be a great thing. What today's youth dislikes is instability, chaos, nepotism".

Obliquely referring to massive protests by university students against the Citizenship Act, Modi said youth today hates “instability and anarchy”.

The statement comes at a time when students and young people are leading protests questioning the constitutionality of the recent amendments to the Citizenship Law that are largely being viewed as discriminatory for favouring only non-Muslim immigrants.

“I believe the coming decade for India will not only be for the development of the youth but also the development of the nation driven by capabilities of the youth", the prime minister said further.

Remembering the 19th century Hindu monk and philosopher Swami Vikekananda, Modi said youth is synonymous with “dynamism and energy”.

“Today's youth thinks beyond issues of caste and wish to do a lot for the country", the prime minister continued.

This last edition of the address was broadcast on the entire network of national radio and TV channel All India Radio and Doordarshan respectively besides the Narendra Modi App.