KARACHI - Jamiat-i-Ulema Islam (Fazl) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday, terming the Women`s Protection Bill a violation of the Constitution, announced to launch a movement for the husbands rights.

Addressing a ceremony here conducted for JUI’s newly-appointed local body representatives, Maulana Fazl once again lashed out at the PML-N government for passing the Bill in Punjab, and said that it is an attempt to destroy the family system in the country. He said that his party has serious reservations over the WPB, and will launch movement in Punjab for husband rights. He said that his party would also support the pleas filed against the WPB in the courts.

The JUI-F chief said the constitution of the country states that the Parliament has the right to make any legislation and the ruling government and Parliament has right to devise policies of the country under the guidance of teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

“But whenever we have called to run the country as per the constitutions we were always labeled as narrow-minded.”

When Islamic Ideology Council has been tasked to the resolve the Shriah matters, then why its members and chairman were criticised, questioned Fazl. He further said there are 99 names of Allah written on the roof of the Parliament but it is unfortunate the lawmakers had done legislation against the Islamic laws.

“Today, modernism and liberalism have changed priorities of the rulers, and the government is following the British laws and has forgotten about its family system. They don’t know that the WPB will destroy our family system and every member will suffer its consequences, said the JUI-F chief.

He said that Islam makes the husbands and wives the protectors of each other’s honour but such a law will disturb the basic fabric of a Muslim household. In the past, the PML-N opposed a similar bill during the Musharraf era but now the rulers themselves were making efforts to implement the western culture in the country.

The PTI and PML-N had joined hands to follow the western civilisation by approving the bill.

“I have planned to launch a movement for husbands rights,” he added.

He also raised question on the point where a court recording of the husband can be made on the request of the wife. He said that the courts are unable to provide justice; therefore departments like accountability commission and NAB should be established. He also stated that according to the authorities all the Muslims are not terrorists but all the terrorists are religious.