ISLAMABAD - Ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) MNA from Hazara Capt. (retd) Mohammad Safdar has said that the government would show zero tolerance to those who have looted and plundered national wealth.

In a statement issued here yesterday, Safdar, who is the spouse of Maryam Nawaz Sharif, dispelled the impression that the government was planning to clip the wings of National Accountability Bureau and made it loud and clear that the government would not spare anyone found involved in looting of national wealth.

He further said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to make the institution of accountability more powerful and independent so that it could deal with the corruption cases more efficiently.

Capt. (retd) Safdar said that the PML-N leadership had faced enormous hardships in exile only to serve the cause of the country and its people otherwise they could have smooth sailing had they boarded the bandwagon of the dictator like many other politicians who had choosy time under the wings of dictatorial regime.

He made it clear that those trying to avoid the accountability at the hands of National Accountability Bureau could not get refuge in the ruling PML-N because the Prime Minister wanted ruthless and across the board accountability but at the same time wanted responsible role on the part of accountability body so that innocent people could not be harassed or victimised.

Without naming anyone Safdar said that the government would not spare those who had caused loss of Rs 210 million to the national exchequer and would make him cough up each and every penny of the looted amount.

He further said that the ruling PML-N believes in service to masses through their economic wellbeing and development and that is the reason that both local and foreign investors invest heavily in the country during the PML-N rule.

About the development in Hazara, considered to be the stronghold of PML-N, Safdar said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had allocated 220 KV Grid Station for Manshera which would be the second largest grid station in the area after Burhan.

He further said that in mid March the Prime Minister would lay the foundation stone of motorway section from Havalian to Shinkiari.

The work on Burhan-Havalian motorway section was already under construction and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had inauguration work on the project last year.