Transporters are overcharging passengers and overloading the public service vehicles thus the commuters are facing problems and financial loss here.

Trade, civil society, religious and educational circles and especially employees of government and private sectors demanded action against the transporters and illegal van stands situated in middle of the city.

People of the area while talking to the newsman alleged that vehicle owners, with the support of van stand owners of Khanewal, are charge fare more than fixed by the government, and also overload 16 to 21 passengers in the vans instead of 14 passengers. However, traffic police and concerned departments of Khanewal district and Multan district have turned a blind eye to the menace.

Petrol, CNG and LPG prices have been reduced but the transporters are charging Rs75 for Dera Adda Multan and Rs65 for Lari Adda Multan. According to the passengers the fare should be reduced to Rs60 and Rs50 respectively as per current rates of petroleum products.

Citizens said that the mini goods stands at Ayub Road, Midowwala Chowk, new Sabzi Mandi Road, RCA Chowk, corner of Block 12, near Government Girls College and various other prominent places in Khanewal are illegal. They said that the practice was due to the support of district administration officers. Because of this, accidents take place on daily basis and innocent people of the area have to lose life.

The people demanded a government-run transport system from Khanewal to Multan to provide better and cheaper transport facilities for the residents of the area.