ISLAMABAD - Director Metrological Department Abdul Rashid has predicted that the year 2016 will be more hot and people will face hot and dry weather in the month of holy Ramazan.

Talking to a private news channel, he said that the year 2015 was very hot and many people of Karachi lost their lives in the holy month of Ramazan due to heat strokes.

In previous years also, February witnessed rising temperatures and we are forecasting severe heat wave in May, June and July. Moreover, the holy month of Ramazan will also fall in hot season so we are ready for this season. Abdul Rashid said that last year in the month of June, when Karachi was witnessing heat wave the temperature rose to 43.7 degree centigrade and this year the temperature will rise up to 44 to 45 degree centigrade.

To a question, he said that as far as forecast of rains in Karachi is concerned and we will announce the forecast of rains in July, August and September later on. It will be premature to announce forecast of rains in monsoon season, he added.

He said that in the previous year, low pressure area was created in the Arabian Sea due to which sea breeze was disconnected from Karachi and if this situation repeated in the current year too, than temperatures will rise extra-ordinarily.

Local Government Minister Sindh Jam Khan Shoro also said that government is trying to ensure smooth water supply to the residents of Karachi through Water Board. In this connection, we are closing legal and illegal hydrants and their number has been reduced to 15 from 200, he added.

He said that there was dearth of water in Hub Dam and govt was providing water to Hub dam filtration plant from different sources to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the residents.

To a question, he said that special emergency centers will be established in the hospitals this year. All medicines of heat stroke will be provided to the patients free of cost, he added.

The Director Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Sindh Salman Shah also said that they have planned meetings with all stakeholders of Karachi. Moreover, we have devised Standing Operating Procedures for various departments, he added. He said we will take all departments including met office, Health Department and KMC on board. The government can ensure precautionary measures to a certain extent the people should take self-protection measures and media can raise awareness among masses in this connection, he said.