LAHORE - Pakistan is blessed with so many kind-hearted persons, who are ready to give country in the best possible fashion.

Yarmaghan Ahmad Gul is one such passionate youngster, who arrived from Germany for the sheer love and passion of the country and wanted to help youth of the country in the best possible way and already has taken a number of steps in this regard. Talking to The Nation on Sunday Yarmaghan said: “I came back to Pakistan to support Pakistan Super League, as when I was in Germany, I used to tell locals about how much our youth takes interest in sports and Pakistan is blessed with natural talent. The only need is to provide them a platform where they could showcase their talent. I was feeling it my national and moral duty to payback the country of my birth.”

Yarmaghan said he had hired a team of professionals, who would travel to different parts of country to unearth future prospects. “Let me assure, I would not invest only on cricket, I would take onboard all the sports and both male and female players would be equally treated.”

He said he had already sponsored few players in tenpin bowling. “I had sponsored top professional bowlers of Pakistan and help them bear travel expenditures. I am preparing a world class level 10-lane bowling alley in Abbottabad and work is already started and this alley would open floodgates of international tenpin bowling events in Pakistan. I would offer 50percent discount to professional bowlers of the country. I am also prepared to construct alley in Islamabad and other major cities of the country.”

When asked about what forced him to leave Germany and stay in Pakistan, Yarmaghan replied: “My love and passion for country was the force behind this decision. I wanted to actively contribute towards Pakistani sports. I had made up my mind and wanted to watch first edition of Pakistan Super League. Shahid Afridi is my favourite cricketer and the PSL would definitely help revive Pakistan cricket. I am very happy that PSL is already a huge hit and with the due passage of time, the PSL would become the world’s elite league.”

On Pak-India match, Yarmaghan said he was hugely disappointed the way Pakistan lost and was stunned by the casual approach of batsmen were playing and hoped Afridi and company would bounce back in the next match and come up to the expectations of millions of Pakistanis.

“I had planned to host a friendly cricket match in Islamabad involving diplomats and test cricketers and the entire income would be utilised on the wellbeing on the deserving sports personalities not only on fresh players, but also on those players, who had given their entire lives to sports and now a day’s living in highly miserable conditions.”

When asked about what he expects from government when he is investing so much from his personal pocket, Yarmaghan said: “I demand like other countries, government must give tax relaxations to not only me but to others as well, who are prepared to contribute towards uplift of sports. It is bonafide right of the businessmen to be compensated so more could come and help in this national cause. My doors are open for all those who deserve and they should feel free to contact me or my team, I would not disappoint them,” Yarmaghan concluded.