LAHORE - Pakistan Pharmacists Forum (PPF) leader Noor Mehar Advocate said on Sunday that the World Health Organization (WHO)’s set standard is one pharmacist for 50 beds to provide upto the mark healthcare to people in the world.

Talking to APP on Sunday, he said the role of a pharmacist could not be ignored who prescribed quantity and quality of medicines to a patient. About the different courses of Pharmacy, he informed that pharmacy has two disciplines one is called B Pharmacy of four years course while the other is known as Master of Pharmacy of five years course.

When asked how many institutions of pharmacy working in country, he said around 45 institutions, including public and private sectors, were working in the country, including 28 in Punjab which have been producing around 2,700 pharmacists every year.

Responding another question, he said a licence from the Central Pharmacy Council in Islamabad was required to run the institution but, unfortunately, mostly private institutions of pharmacy were working without licence and received Rs 125,000 fee for a semester of six months, he mentioned.

Answering about the problems faced by pharmacists, he said old services structure which was revived in October 2010 but could not get implementation due to which pharmacists had to wait 25 to 30 years for their promotion from BPS-17 to 18, he said.

Noor Mehar said the Pharmacy Department should be set up in every hospital to handle the matter of medicines. The Punjab government in October 2012 had ordered to establish Pharmacy department in all hospitals.