Yoko Ono, the Japanese-born singer, artist and widow of John Lennon, was feeling fine after a brief hospitalization for flu symptoms, her son said. Sean Lennon said that the 83-year-old had returned to her apartment in New York, a day after going to a nearby hospital on doctor's advice. "She's home and running about as usual," Lennon wrote on Twitter. "Just the flu in the end. I may go get a flu shot now," Lennon said, referring to the influenza vaccine that is encouraged by US health authorities during the winter.–AFP

Lennon - himself a prominent musician who has worked with his mother and the Japanese pop band Cibo Matto - dismissed initial reports that Ono had suffered a stroke.

Ono still lives in the Dakota building on the edge of Central Park where Mark David Chapman in 1980 shot dead Lennon, from whom the apparently delusional gunman had earlier asked for an autograph.