NEW YORK - Seven people suspected of conspiring to engage in a holy war and support terrorism activities abroad were arrested on Monday in the US state of North Carolina, authorities said. The suspects, named in indictments handed up by a Federal grand jury July 22, appeared in US District Court in Raleigh, Monday the US Justice Department said in a Press release. The suspects were identified as Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39; Hysen Sherifi, 24; Anes Subasic, 33; Zakariya Boyd, 20; Dylan Boyd, 22; Muhammad Omar Aly Hassan, 22; and Ziyad Yaghi, 21. All are residents of North Carolina and all are US citizens except Sherifi, who is a native of Kosovo and a legal permanent US resident. They are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, as well as conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad. Sherifi, Daniel Boyd, Zakariya Boyd and Dylan Boyd also face weapons charges, and Daniel Boyd is charged with making false statements in a terrorism investigation. 'The indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd is a veteran of terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan who, over the past three years, has conspired with others in this country to recruit and help young men travel overseas in order to kill, Assistant Attorney Gen David Kris said. The indictment alleges Daniel Boyd trained at terrorist camps from 1989-1992 for the purpose of engaging in violent jehad. He allegedly fought in Afghanistan. Since then, he and the others engaged in activities authorities allege were meant to foment jehad in Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Kosovo and elsewhere. The indictment alleges Boyd and several of the defendants practiced military tactics and the use of weapons on private property in Caswell County, NC, in June and July of this year.