WASHINGTON (AFP) - US national Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was sentenced to life in prison Monday for joining an Al-Qaeda plot to assassinate then-president George W Bush, court officials said. The sentence against Abu Ali, read out by Judge Gerald Bruce in an Alexandria, Virginia courtroom, replaced a previous 30-year-sentence handed down in 2006, but later overturned by an appeals court as too lenient. One of Abu Alis attorneys, Ashraf Nubani, told AFP that his client will be pursuing an appeal in the hope that justice will prevail. Prosecutors specifically alleged that Abu Ali plotted with an accomplice to assassinate the former president, either by shooting him, planting a car bomb targeting the leader or carrying out a suicide bomb attack. Abu Ali was arrested in 2003 by authorities in Madina, Saudi Arabia, where he had been studying theology for several months. He continues to maintain his innocence and that he was tortured. He and his supporters are convinced that one day he will be vindicated, Nubani told AFP. According to prosecutors, Abu Ali by his own admission proposed multiple terrorist attacks, including assassinating members of Congress and assassinating members of the American administration and the American army. Prosecutors said he also suggested rescuing prisoners at Guantanamo or inside America and blowing up military airplanes on the ground at their bases. Abu Ali apparently planned to set up an Al-Qaeda cell inside the US to carry out the various attacks he had proposed. His lawyers claim all the allegations are based on admissions their client made under torture in Saudi Arabia and they asked the judge to consider Abu Alis young age at the time of the offences for which he was convicted. Abu Alis lawyers also noted that the evidence... established that Abu Ali engaged in discussions about illegal conduct, but did not take substantial affirmative steps to perform such conduct. The fact that Abu Ali failed to carry out any attacks was the reason he avoided a life sentence in 2006, but that failed to convince the court this time around.