BAGHDAD (Reuters/AFP) - A bomb hidden on a motorcycle killed eight people and wounded 13 others in the Iraqi capitals eastern New Baghdad district on Tuesday, police said. The motorcycle was parked near a popular cinema and market. Violence has broadly fallen in Iraq over the past year, but bombings and shootings remain common. US combat troops withdrew from Iraqi urban centres last month, raising fears that Iraqs security forces may not be able to cope alone. Meanwhile, at least 150 people were wounded in clashes on Tuesday when the Iraqi army stormed the base of Irans main armed exiled opposition, police and sources within the camp said. According to an Iraqi police source in Diyala province, where the camp is based, around 100 camp residents were wounded when riot police called in by the army to quell unrest, began beating residents. Shahriar Kia, a spokesman for the Iranian opposition group the Peoples Mujahedeen based at the camp, said the injury toll was around 150. It was unclear how many of the residents were seriously injured. Kia said at least two residents had been shot. Around 50 members of Iraqs security forces were also wounded, 20 seriously, the police source said, adding that about 50 residents of the camp were detained.