Dr S.M. Rahman China was at the apex of global power in the world until the mid-18th century. The industrial revolution changed the global pattern. China receded into an 'inward-looking' country and consequently lost touch with the world. A change in China's strategy occurred, nearly 30 years back and it opened up to pursue a policy of 'engagement' to derive as much benefits through cooperation, as possible. A proactive policy became its guiding principle, completely transcending conflicts and frictions as natural concomitants of lack of dialogue and interaction. Building relationships and promoting economic benefits became its abiding commitment in international relations. There is no concept of 'enemy' as an organising principle of perpetuating power preponderance, which creates 'rogue states' with whom USA must be at daggers-drawn and keep them under constant threat and tension, in order to retard their progress. In other words, the image of the enemy, sustains its competitive orientation and promoting conflicts and ultimately 'war' make its Military Industrial Complex (MIC) grow and attain proficiency in producing sophisticated man-killing weapons. This powerful lobby in the US, determines such policies as attacking Iraq, Afghanistan and if possible Iran, through its surrogate Israel. The 'merchants of death' in deep liaison with neo-cons promoted war as an instrument of gaining economic power through controlling strategic wealth of energy reservoirs - the main determinants of economic resilience. Neo-colonial ambitions have pushed US into a quagmire, from which it cannot extricate itself easily. Simon Jenkins, pleads Britain to tell Obama - the alliance of denial has to end. "There is no way," he contends. "Soldiers will find an exist from Afghanistan. They can deliver defeat or they can deliver bloody stalemate. They cannot deliver victory and every observer knows it. They must face the facts that Obama and Brown are entangled in a mess from where there is no easy release." (The Guardian). China's foreign policy is totally opposite to the 'enemy-oriented' paradigm. Friendship with all is the basic determinant of its policies. Frictions and minor conflicts do not deter its overall strategic vision of continuing business relationships. Initially China did face trade deficits and also in services as compared to the developed countries, particularly EU, which had considerable surplus in view of its advanced technology. But what is indeed a great miracle that only after seven years of its accession to WTO, it came very close to the developed countries in the field of service sector, as it opened up nearly 100 services categories besides the overall trade sector. It is estimated that with the present rate of development, it will be equal to USA by 2027, and possibly it's double by 2050. There are two idioms, according to Zhang Zhigang, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Economic Affairs and former Vice-Minister of Commerce, "Stand high and look far," and "pour water off a steep roof." The underlying assumptions of these idioms are that one can assess the situation by standing at a higher pedestal. The Chinese are never in a hurry or look at a problem from a narrower prospective. It takes always a long-term view and is least bothered by minor frictions. These are self-corrective if a process of continuous dialogue is initiated. It is an antidote to all misgivings and misperceptions. Addressing a forum of Sino-European relation, Lu Youxiang, Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of National Peoples Congress, made a very profound statement. "No matter what vicissitudes, the international arena faces, we will always stick to the path of peaceful development." In other words, China would never fish in the troubled waters, but will relentlessly struggle to work for common prosperity and a win-win paradigm for all nations of the world. These are not hyperbolic or rhetorical assertions, but slowly and gradually China is trying to change the world, where USA and its allies, Israel and now a new hegemon being propped up as a grand strategic partner - India - to make it a nuclear 'giant' of South Asia, to serve the US interests. Israel as a nuclear surrogate in the Middle East, to control the oil wealth for USA to augment its prosperity and also control the energy-hungry nations particularly China. The USA' grand design is to contain Russia through NATO and Israel is a hanging sword over the neck of the Muslim World, which is now focused on Iran, to destroy its developmental infrastructures under the fake plea of destroying its nuclear installations, which it cannot. Bush used 'lies' as a strategic weapon to destroy the military power and prosperity of Iraq, but it could not defeat it. The successive failures of USA in Iraq and Afghanistan have not only deflated the overblown ego of America, sequel to gaining the unipolarity, which could not have been possible if the mujahideen had not ousted the Red Army from the soil of Afghanistan. The same mujahideen are metamorphosed into a different entity - 'terrorists'. A strange semantic distortion prevails where freedom loving people if they show tough resistance, they are 'radicals' and 'fanatics', just as Kashmiri mujahideen are dubbed 'terrorists' and denied their legitimate right for freedom. India, during the Cold War, used the former Soviet Union to usurp their 'rights' and now USA is out to blow up India's power preponderance, to become USA's strategic partner, to look after its interests in Afghanistan, which has been exclusively placed in South Asia - a geographical anomaly as traditionally it has always been a part of Central Asia. But the re-designing of the world and changing regimes of countries not to its own liking is the favourite strategic game USA plays. Not being able to subdue the Afghan power of resistance, USA is now manipulating Pakistan to do the needful to kill maximum number of Taliban and preparing India to send its forces to create stability in Afghanistan, so that US could sustain its strategic interests of controlling the oil and gas rich reservoirs in Central Asia besides containing Iran and China. They are all pipe-dream strategic visions. India, however, has extracted maximum benefits both for augmenting its nuclear power, besides phenomenal increase in the conventional weapon. Now as part of substantial defence pact, entailing comprehensive and juicy package of all rounded development by Hillary Clinton India now acts with the same 'arrogance', which Israel is endowed with. India's state terrorism in Kashmir will further increase rather than diminish and South Asian region will not be an abode of peace. USA must ponder. China is least perturbed over these developments and has maintained its cold composure. The secret of China's rise lies in sharing the fruits of economic progress, so that no region or a community is left out. Economic distributive justice, sustain the inner dynamic of this great country. There are however attempts to rundown China's phenomenal progress, by using the so-called human rights violations. Contrived conflicts like inciting youth as it happened in Tiananmen Square, covertly manipulated by CIA. The Chinese crushed the rebellion. Similarly, China has handled the Xinjiang ethnic riot between the Hans and the Muslim population (Uighurs) in Urumqi. Again this was a manipulated ethnic conflict in which USA and India played a role to derive a wedge between China and its well-trusted friend Pakistan. But China knows the hidden hands - of so-called independent NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) whose president is Uighur migrant Rubia Kadeer, who gets enormous funds to keep China under pressure. William Engdahl writes in Global Research (July 11, 2009): "The salient question is what has the NED been actively doing that might have encouraged the unrest in Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region, and what is the Obama Administration policy in terms of supporting or denouncing such NED-financed intervention into sovereign politics of states which Washington deems a target for pressure." The answers must be found soon, but one major step to help clarify Washington policy under the new Obama Administration would be for a full disclosure by the NED, the US State Department and NGO's linked to the US government, of their involvement, if at all, in encouraging Uyghur separatism or unrest. Is it mere coincidence that the Uyghur riots take place only days following the historic meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation?" It is indeed amazing that the civilised western world does not see the blood soaked hands of Indian and Israelis who have killed Muslims in thousands, without any remorse or condemnation from their strategic ally but the death of about 180 Muslims in Xinjiang is a matter which melts their hearts. China cannot be hoodwinked by such pinpricks. Truth ultimately triumphs. The writer is secretary general, FRIENDS E-mail: friendsfoundation@live.co.uk