LAHORE - CM Punjabs younger son Salman Shahbaz has announced to give his recently imported Siberian leopard as a gift to govt of the NWFP after facing his fathers resentment on the import of the leopard. According to sources, Shahbaz Sharif has expressed his sheer disliking over the import of white leopard by his son Salman Shahbaz few days back. Taking in view the anger of his father, Slaman Shahbaz has decided in principle to give this leopard as a gift to NWFP government. He said his decision to import the leopard was wrong, as the decision did not match the lifestyle of his father, which he (Shahbaz) had been adopting over the last 30 years. Salman Shahbaz said that is why he has decided to gift the leopard to NWFP government. Salman said he has great regard for his fathers wishes and he do not want to act against his desires. He also thanked media for proper guidance.