ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Tuesday that increasing power generation was the top priority of the government and development funds had been diverted to meet the shortage. Talking to media after inauguration ceremony of a pharmaceutical plant here at the PM Secretariat, Gilani said that the leadership of the country was fully cognizant of the problems being faced by the masses. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani made it clear that he had taken onboard the members of Federal Cabinet and the Parliament on all the decisions made so far. Gilani also said that shortage of electricity was a matter of serious concern for both the industry and the public and he would soon convene a meeting of the four chief ministers to discuss these matters and austerity measures. Answering a question, the Prime Minister said that most of the circular debt had been cleared and with a cut on the development funds the rest would also be retired. About the use or rental power, Gilani said that the issue of power deficiency was being addressed through a comprehensive strategy and the entire focus of the government was on resolving this serious issue. He further said the leaders of Pakistan stand with their people and as they are enduring loadshedding. He added that he also had ordered strict compliance of no-use of air-conditioners before 11:00am. Even if the army chief or ambassador Anne W Patterson comes to me before that time, we use pedestal fans, Gilani said. About the recommendations of the committee on Balochistan submitted to him, Gilani said it comprises all proposals and suggestions clubbed together with a view to addressing the grievances of the province. He said Balochistan has suffered injustices over the past 62 years and his government has resolved to address them. He said it was yet to be decided whether to convene a jirga or an All Parties Conference to discuss these issues with the Baloch people. Referring to his decision on the local government system, Gilani said that he had submitted his recommendations to the President and MQM was fully onboard. When the incumbent government came into rule there was flour shortage in the country and now the country had come in a position to export the wheat, the Prime Minister said adding that it was all because of the measures his government had taken. He further said that there was an impression that the government would not be able to handle insurgency and now the nation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the government and Pakistan Army against terrorism and extremism. He also said that terrorists had no boundary and no religion and they were working on foreign agenda. Earlier, addressing the inauguration ceremony of the countrys first Biotech Pharmaceutical plant, a joint venture of Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd and Bago Group of Argentina to produce medicines for hepatitis and cancer, the Prime Minister said that his government was fully committed to achieving Benazir Bhuttos vision by delivering a higher standard of healthcare and ensuring provision of medical cover to all. Gilani said that expansion and development of health sector was the cornerstone of Benazir Bhuttos vision for Pakistan. He said that Benazir Bhutto was the pioneer of Pakistans Primary Health Programme, which now had over 100,000 Lady Health Visitors and was quoted in other countries as a model programme. Biotech Pharmaceutical, a modern plant, has been built on 27-acres in Lahore to manufacture biogeneric medicines. Gilani said that the joint venture would attain special significance, since it has the potential to play a central role in Pakistans battle to tackle Hepatitis C and Cancer on war footing. He said that the government had expanded the resource allocation to Prime Ministers Emergency Action on Hepatitis to reach out to the over 11 million people, or nearly seven per cent of the infected population. He said that in next five years, the government planned to treat 72,000 patients of Hepatitis C, over 30,000 Hepatitis B and would administer over 8 million doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. The PM said that country was facing critical challenges in every sphere. However, he expressed confidence that the government and citizens of Pakistan together could rise to confront these problems successfully. Our true jihad is against poverty, illiteracy and disease, and through an active partnership between the public and private sector, we can help Pakistan regain its rightful place among the comity of the nations, he added. He said that on economic front, there was a need to focus on increasing productivity in the agricultural sector and diversifying the manufacturing and export base. He said that global market for generic bio-pharmaceuticals was one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, with expected sale of $ 16.4 billion by 2011 in the United States and European Union alone. He expressed confidence that in addition to serving the domestic market, BF Biosciences Limited would export its products. The Prime Minister also directed LESCO to ensure uninterrupted supply of power to this manufacturing facility so that the process of manufacturing life-saving drugs continues unhampered. Gilani also urged the investors from Argentina to take full advantage of the incentives and expand their investment with Pakistani partners in human and animal vaccine production. He said that livestock and dairy was vibrant sector of the economy with 52.2 per cent contribution to the agriculture value added, 11.0 per cent to national GDP and 8.5 per cent to foreign exchange earnings. Because of tremendous potential of livestock sector, the domestic demand and export avenues with promising future of the world halal food trade, there was a sound reason to invest in this sector, Gilani added. He said local production of world-class vaccine could give protection against new variants of Foot and Mouth Disease and was a major requirement for countrys livestock sector. He expressed the hope that other investors will also take serious note of the governments intent to facilitate new investment and in the near future we will see more USFDA-standard plants in Pakistan in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. He also appreciated the gesture by Ferozsons and Bago regarding foreign training of oncology nurses for the government hospitals in Pakistan and treatment of 1000 hepatitis C patients. He said that despite severe financial constraints the government had increased the health budget by more than 70 per cent to about Rs 24 billion, including up-gradation of a Cancer Ward at Nishter Hospital, Multan, into a 100-bed Cancer Treatment Facility and development of a Cancer Hospital in Quetta at a cost of Rs 300 million. Prime Minister Gilani declared bioscience industry as pioneer industry. If the domestic and foreign investors continue to support our efforts in the same way and share our vision for a prosperous and healthy Pakistan, we would Insha Allah move towards a bright future. Ambassador Rodolfo Martin Saravia of Argentina, CEO of BF Biosciences Usman Khalid and Minister of Health Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani in their views hoped the industry would help the country meet high demand of modern medicine, besides help it earn revenue through exports.