ISLAMABAD - Secretary Commerce Suleman Ghani Tuesday hoped government would achieve the entire targets fixed in Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2009-12 by vigorously implementing it. He stated this while addressing the post trade policy press conference along with Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, who addressed the conference as Minister for Commerce Makhdoom Amin Fahim was on official tour to Tajikistan. Responding to a query, Ghani said that achievement of the proposed target of 25 per cent regional trade as compared to the existent 17 per cent depended upon good relations with India and peace in Afghanistan. He further said that the government allowed the re-export of pulses in the Policy and also allowed to export edible oil on a large scale. He said it was the responsibility of the Commerce Minister to make foreign visits and Makhdoom Amin Fahim made 8 foreign tours in a few months, which gave positive yield. All the record in this regard was available with the Ministry about the objectives and outcomes of these visits, he informed. He further said the new textile policy was likely to be announced in the next week and the Ministry of Commerce was working with the Textile Ministry in this regard. He said global recession had badly hit the trade of the world but Pakistan was less affected by this downturn. According to World Trade Organization (WTO) estimated 9 per cent shrinkage in the global trade, in which China declined by 24 per cent and India by 31 per cent whereas Pakistan by 7 per cent. He said a midterm review report would be presented and everyone would be satisfied with the implementation process. He said after one year we would review the trade policy and changes would be made, if needed. We are negotiating with the US and European Union (EU) for Free Trade Agreement, Ghani said adding that the trade policy laid focus on trade diplomacy for seeking access to international markets. Ghani said that to encourage the local manufacturing of vaccines, their import was restricted. However, the Cabinet allowed the Ministry of Health to import vaccines under World Health Organization rules, if the Ministry required. On a question about the progress of trade officers, Ghani said in the next trade policy they would introduce the third party audit system that could review their progress. He further said that he had asked the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry that as a third party they could judge the progress of trade officers. The Secretary said that in the policy they did not work on the Halal Board, and that they would work on it in the next few months, and till the Board was set up the govt would support the cost of certification by 50 per cent, he added. He further said that the growth during 2009-10 would remain sluggish due to slowdown in global demand, therefore they set export growth target at 6 per cent for the current year, while it would increase in the next couple of years and targeted at 10 and 13 per cent for the next two years, he added. Qamar Zaman Kaira said that to increase the regional trade, Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India should be resolved. The Minister said that the electricity problems would be resolved by December and if somebody had some idea to solve this issue he should share with them. He said they could not import electricity like other items and they had to produce it within the available resources. On a question about Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) performance, he said the committee constituted for power crises would visit Karachi tomorrow (Wednesday) and discuss the matter with KESC. He said the government was working on a strategy to increase cheap hydel power generation and had planned to embark on launching various power projects. He said work on Diamir Bhasha Dam would be launched by next year and that would generate over four thousand megawatt of electricity.