THE recovery of 200 children, aged six to 13, from a militant camp in Swat, who were brainwashed for the purpose of carrying carry out suicide attacks, underlines the terrorists' sinister designs. There is urgent need to rehabilitate these boys of impressionable age as mentally healthy citizens. The security forces have shifted them to a camp in Mardan where psychiatrists are looking after their mental health. NWFP Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour said that the children had been brainwashed to the point where they considered other citizens infidels. He assured that the government would do its best to bring sanity to them. This is no doubt a welcome step and these boys must be given proper schooling so that they never stand a chance of reverting to the militant mindset. Besides, the security forces should search for other camps where militants might have kidnapped other children to similarly train them, because just before the Army launched its operation in Malakand Division, there were reports that militants had been taking away children of local families at gunpoint as recruits in their networks. This episode should also srve to give a moment of reflection to the religious parties of all stripes. The state of affairs calls for an immediate response from them to denounce these designs of militants. Besides, they should help in eliminating the alleged teaching of militancy at some seminaries.