LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt and International Cricket Council President David Morgan reported "good progress" in a meeting to resolve the ongoing dispute between the two sides over the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The two men met at the ICC's headquarters in Dubai on Tuesday, part of an ongoing process to resolve the disagreement over the location of the 14 matches originally scheduled to be played in Pakistan, as well as the venue for the tournament secretariat, which was set to be in Lahore. Although there was no final resolution on the outstanding matters, Mr Morgan and Mr Butt were positive about their discussions and will now report back to their respective boards ahead of another meeting between the two men in the near future at a date and time to be confirmed. In the meantime, the PCB agreed the legal proceedings it launched will continue to be adjourned pending those further discussions and, hopefully, a resolution to the outstanding matters. ICC President David Morgan said: "I am pleased to have had the opportunity to meet with Ijaz this morning and we had a very positive 90-minute meeting. We are making good progress on the issues of dispute between us. "I will now report back to the other members of the ICC's Board on the nature of our discussions ahead of further talks between the two of us. On the basis of today's meeting I am confident we can bring this matter to resolution in the near future so that we can all focus on the key objective for the ICC and all its members - the staging of a successful ICC Cricket World Cup in the Asian sub-continent in 2011." PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt said: "I am grateful to David for taking the time to meet with me this morning and I am very encouraged by the discussions we have had. "The PCB is keen to settle this matter out of court as soon as possible and I believe we are making good progress towards doing exactly that. I will now report back to my board to inform them of developments and we look forward to further talks in the near future to bring this matter to resolution."