LAHORE - The trade delegation of South Africa, during its visit to a number of industrial cities, arranged by TDAP, has shown their keen interest to import the textile and sports products from Pakistan, enhancing the countrys export to South Africa by Rs 3.2 billion to Rs 4 billion in near future. While in long-term perspective the team visit would boost the Pakistani exports to South Africa to Rs16 billion to Rs24 billion in pharmaceutical sector, said officials in TDAP here on Tuesday. The 16-member trade delegation of prominent South African buyers was invited by the Trade development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to give them an opportunity to see the manufacturing capabilities of Pakistani industrial sector in areas like textile, building materials, sanitary fittings, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and food. They visited the industries including textile, sports, ceramics and pharmaceuticals located in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Lahore from July 22 to 24. During the meetings, which were conducted in a highly professional manner by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, the delegates showed keen interest in products shown to them. The delegation expressed the hope that South African investment would see a boost in coming months due to liberal investment policies of present regime. They urged the TDAP to bring a delegation to South Africa so both the sides could initiate joint ventures. They appreciated the efforts of TDAP in bringing closer the businessmen of the two countries through this visit. The delegates opined that it is the initial visit and more visits will follow by them to cement the trade bonds which are being established during this visit. The delegation called for more interaction between the business communities of both of the countries so that they could be able to avail the opportunities available in each others country. They said that that there were a lot of sectors wherein there is huge potential for the South African buyers particularly the textile and engineering sectors The South African team said that major bottleneck in promotion of trade and economic activities between the two countries is the lack of information about business opportunities available between the two countries. They urged the TDAP to undertake frequent activities like exchange of business delegations, organizing country exhibitions, seminars and workshops to ensure a continuous liaison. The local manufacturers during the meeting said that Pakistans rice, textile, sports, surgical and leather products and fruits such as mango and kinnoo are best in the world. Pakistan has a competitive edge over the countries in terms of price also. The foreign businessmen need to compare the quality and price of Pakistani products to meet their domestic demand, they added. The delegation said that it was a very eventful visit which is part of the new export strategy being pursued by TDAP under the vision of its CEO Syed Mohibullah Shah to promote Pakistani products at faster pace by inviting more and more trade delegations from the countries which were earlier neglected fro trade promotion.