Hadi lqbal Hussain The Taliban/Al-Qaeda issue in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a cause of deep concern. We have suffered so heavily in loss of human lives. It is a gift of Musharraf and a punishment for letting an employee of the state to betray the allegiance to the law of the land, violate the constitution, and bring our national army into disrepute. It is haunting our future as well. We shall - Inshallah - deal with him under the law and give him such punishment as to be a lesson for all ambitious servants of state. Force has been tried in its full fury with latest weaponry for dealing with the militants. It has not worked, nor will it succeed with the current approach. It will prove to be another Vietnam for the US and its allies. They will have to ultimately pull out, after continued heavy toll. However human lives lost anywhere on earth is a big tragedy. Civilisation has travelled so much in search of qualitatively better life .We should not go back in time by a few hundred years to an age of barbarism. We should address the issue in its true perspective. It is an issue having economic roots. Bush and his "Vice" had wanted access and uninterrupted supply of hashish. No factory processing poppy to make hashish was attacked or even damaged. This lust cost the American taxpayer so much in national wealth and avoidable loss of human lives. The resistance has been given a religious tag. It has taken place in Muslim Afghanistan. Even Osama bin Laden story was a concoction. How very sad, for the head of the richest and most powerful nation to wear so many caps, to satisfy his lust for money, at such cost in money and human lives to the taxpayers in US. Bush has put even Hitler to shame. Instead of entering into a controversial discussion, it is advisable to discuss a solution which is likely to succeed and ensure peace. Assuming that American and Nato partners are serious in ending this darkest episode of history, the situation should be viewed in its true perspective. Afghans and people living in Pakistan in northern areas like FATA, Swat, Chitral, Buner, Dir and other areas in the north are very poor and have grown poppy for ages for their living because their soil has been very suitable for its growth. Lately it has started giving them rich dividends. They have to be facilitated with an honourable and legal source of comfortable living. All the poppy-processing factories have to be destroyed and poppy growing made punishable, under law. American financial assistance should be diverted to creation of alternative source of earning for poverty-stricken people living in these areas, who are quite familiar with raising sheep/goats and cattle. They should be provided with large flocks of sheep/goats cattle and poultry with expertise and the animal feed produced in local factories with indigenous fodder and other raw material easily available. Expertise and arrangements be gifted for packing of meat for export to Pakistan, Gulf States, and even Europe if production volume grows, leaving a surplus. It can always be airlifted A spread out of recipients of this assistance among common people and the sardars/maliks will certainly distract them from insurgency acts. The wool will be handy for making carpets and hides can be exported. Similarly growth and cultivation for good quality of fruits like grapes, pomegranates, apples oranges etc can cause a cultural change and move them away from the current trend of militancy. The writer is a freelance columnist