This is with reference to two news items in the press recently. Item 1 captioned "A building that was more than bricks and plaster" was published on February 01, 2009. Item 2 was captioned "Cases hushed up to avoid further scandals; N-legislators' involvement in stopping demolition operation" and appeared in The Nation on July 21, 2009. The former reported about the demolition operation of a historic building in Bahawalpur that dated back to 1930s when it was the capital of the Bahawalpur State. The buzz is that some PML-N legislators of Bahawalpur, in cahoots with members of some 'pressure group' got this building demolished to settle some kind of political score with the owner. The owner, by the way, is also a notable leader of a political party. The local administration on the behest of these political operators played a partisan role and despite a stay granted by the Lahore High Court Bahawalpur Bench, decimated the building on the ruse of widening the road. The latter news item throws light on the boorish conduct of PML-N legislators from Lahore who got the demolition of various recent encroachments stopped by influencing the public functionaries assigned for the task. The two news items depict two different scenarios: one pertains to insensitivity to the precious cultural heritage of Bahawalpur, an important city of Southern Punjab and the other shows the majesty of Lahore, the seat of provincial government. The two are in conflict with each other in so far as governance is concerned. The bottom-line, though, is that the two cities may be poles apart. Injustice, abuse of political power haughty administrative behaviour and, above all, denial of fundamental rights of people, arbitrarily and capriciously, is the style of governance for the South. -A BAHAWALPURI SERAIKI, Bahawalpur, July 28.