Dr Irfan Zafar writes in your column on July 18, 'my 12 year old daughter tells me in all innocence, that she went to her friend's house and found they were so poor that they don’t even have an Ipad; she went on to say they live in utmost poverty as all the rooms in their house are devoid of split air conditioners. I also agree that her friend lives in abject poverty and should be pitied, but this story reminds me of a similar story, when many centuries ago, an innocent French Princess of, looking down from her palace at the shouting crowd asked the question from a courtier what were the people shouting about; the courtier replied that they want 'bread' and the innocent princess said well, if they can’t get a bread, why don’t they eat a cake? Poor Princess, later she paid a heavy price. Dr Irfan further says, among other reminiscences, about the old hot summers and lack of electricity and how this deficiency was corrected by a 'desi broad jute and cloth pankha' hanging from the ceiling with a pulling cord, which was pulled 'all night' by a servant, thus making it swing and produce air. I wonder if they ever had pity on that servant and let him rest a while! There are many other interesting points but let them rest for now.


Lahore, July 18.