A country where the people are striving to get their lives towards betterment every single day, a state surrounded by strategically diverse states from all borders, a state that has been dragged into the Global War of Terror, a nation which rises every time whether it is sports or a national or international issue; has a great potential altogether to face no matter what. Being part of an emotionally driven nation which takes to road on sectarian and political issues without studying deeply the repercussions of their actions, one needs to act very prudently as to how the national politics is changing in the light of the regional and international scenario. 

Much has changed in the political scenario since the past couple of days. Jumat ul Wida tragically ended with attacks in Parachinar, Quetta and Karachi. Terrorism has not only attacked the common citizen but has also morphed the security structure already created in Pakistan. The security infrastructure seemed practical the current year. Northern and North Eastern borders of Pakistan are in the limelight as they are prone to foreign terrorist invasions as well as certain development projects are also under process. “Belt and Road” development project running across Pakistan is being carried out. 

The sectarian issues are being highlighted in order to grab attention from real issues. The situation needs to be provoked upon without being irrational. The national interest is to be prioritized. The civil-military relations need to be harmonized in a state which not only needs to work on welfare projects of the citizens but also maintain the security situation. Pakistanis need to play a safe game this time carefully studying the situation. History is full of lessons. A state where democracy is progressing and new parties are being formed, has greater on the canvas to be observed compared to the superficial facts and figures fed through media. 

Every individual working in one’s own capacity should participate in the national cause. Nations go through tough times. Teams win and lose. Jinnah’s message should never be forgotten. “We are standing in the days where there is no discrimination, no distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one cast and creed and another. We are standing with this fundamental principle: that we are all citizens, of one state.” 


Rawalpindi, July 10.