“For the first time, we confront the real forces of nuclear energy, out of control.”


The determination to understand and control energy has been the keystone of human civilization. Energy has a number of forms; Mechanical energy uses forces like gravity, muscular energy in humans or animals can be used to move or transport objects, thermal energy which converts fuel into heat while hydraulic energy channels water, transmuting agriculture and transport. All of these energies are actually transformations. Antione Lavoisier stated that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed’ in fact ‘it is transferred’. Humans have learned to conduit energy, tame it or use it but can lose control over it. In 1898, a scientist couple, Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium, an incandesce element that can produce limitless energy. It led to the development of nuclear energy. A nuclear reactor works by drawing energy from atoms, splitting them discharges immense energies. Under control, it is an impressive source of energy as it turns energy into steam where turbines work to produce electricity. On April 25th, 1986, a new reactor was in testing to treat a power cut at the Lenin Nuclear Plant near the city of Chernobyl, Ukraine. The supervisors had disagreements over the procedure as one of them miscalculated the reactor’s power intensity yet they continued. Eventually, the reactor exploded, exposing tons of deadly radioactive dust into the atmosphere. All of the plant workers and firefighters arriving on the scene irremediably irradiated, dying within a few weeks.