LAHORE  -    The final event of the STARZPLAY Short Film Competition (SSFC) took place last night where the 10 shortlisted films were shown to a panel of judges and a live audience at Cinepax.

“BurayPhansay”, a comedy about two friends who find a bag of money, won the competition after deliberations by the jury of judges.

The press conference panel included ArifBaigMohamed Chairman of StarzPlay, Maryam El Bacha CEO Cinepax and film director Syed Noor.

All the panelists appreciated the efforts of StarzPlayand the role it’s playing in nourishing and providing opportunities to the next generation of filmmakers.

They also expressed their desire to have the platform grow even bigger in the coming years.

At a press conference before the screening ArifBaigMohamed, the Chairman of STARZPLAY said:  “SSFC has been our dream since the inception of the company and we have been working on the short-film concept for a long while now.  We couldn’t be more proud and excited to have conducted this competition in such a successful way that it has become the biggest short film competition in Pakistan.”

He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to commend the talented youth of Pakistan to have taken part in such big numbers and to have trusted Starzplay.” The winner was decided by the jury of judges from the entertainment and film industry.  The jury participants were Syed Noor, FaizanJaved, OmairRana, Hamza Yousaf, QaziAkhyar and Momin Ali Munshi.

The jury of judges announced the winner after watching and scoring the movies on different criteria such as screenplay, cinematography, direction and dialogue.  The winner Shahrukh Tariq will get an exclusive contract to produce a Starzplayoriginal web series.  

The impact of the competition had reached and garnered intense interest, attracting more than 3,000 submissions from all over the world and over 200 entries from within Pakistan.