ISLAMABAD    -   The cotton cultivation during the current sowing season had witnessed 14% growth as compared to the corresponding period of last year. The crop had been cultivated over 2.65 million hectares of land across the cotton  growing areas of the country. The cotton sowing targets for the crop season 2019-20 had been fixed at 12.72 million bales for fulfilling the domestic requirements as well as for exporting the commodity. The cotton sowing target for the current crop season (2019-20) was fixed at 2.78 million hectares. Punjab and Sindh has the main covered areas with crop, said Cotton Commissioner, Ministry of National Food Security and Research Dr Khalid Abdullah. Talking to APP the Commissioner said that cotton cultivation had been completed over 95.2% land as against the set target for current sowing season, which was higher than 14% during same period of last year. He said that cotton growing in the Punjab Province had recorded about 9% growth as an area of 2.044 million hectares had put under the crop production as against the set target of 2.145 million hectares. He said that sowing target had been achieved by 93.5% during the season, adding that cotton production target for the province had been fixed at 7.9 million bales during the crop season 2019-20.