ISLAMABAD   -    Members of the Senate Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society have cried foul as the circle registrar has allowed expansion in SSECHS managing committee from 9 members to 15.

The members approached Chairman Senate against what they viewed as malpractices, irregularities and violation of rules in the recently-held election of the society. In their complaint, a copy of which is available with this scribe, they objected to the procedure adopted in the elections for SSECHS held on January 24. They said that as per advertisement published in newspapers regarding holding of election for management committee, 2/3 seats are reserved for Senate secretariat employees in management committee in the light of the Cooperative Society Act, 1925, section 44-D and 44-E.

However, the employees alleged that, from one panel, there were only two candidates who were employees of the Senate. In the other panel, however, 6 candidates were the Senate employees. The nomination papers of the panel violating the rules were challenged before by the employees before the circle registrar, deputy registrar and registrar.

The employees further alleged that candidates for the slot of president, finance secretary and executive members were contesting the election on fake membership documents. They further alleged that the winning panel included 6 persons who do not represent the Senate secretariat. Under the rules, out of 9 there should have been 6 employees of the senate secretariat on the panel.

In an interesting twist to the story, the ICT administration, Cooperatives Department Islamabad issued a notification on June 17 to notify 9 office-bearers of the society for a period of three years. They include Shahzad Ahmed Sheikh (President), Inamullah Jan (Vice President), Sikandar Hayat Khattack (Secretary), Kamran Rao (Treasurer), Khalid Zaman (Executive Member), Zahid Awan (Executive Member), Sher Ali (Executive Member), Tanveer Sikandar (Executive Member) and Naeem Iqbal (Executive Member).   The notification said that according to bye-laws of the society, the managing committee of the society will consist of 9 to 15 members. “Election was held against 9 positions of the managing committee and 6 positions in the managing committee may be filled to fulfill the criteria as mentioned in the advertisement,” it said.

The advertisement for the society’s election states that as per sections 44-D and 44-E of Cooperative Societies Act 1925, two-third positions in the managing committee are reserved for Senate secretariat employees. The employees held that the new office-bearers have been illegally authorised to expand the managing committee from 9 to 15 members, just to accommodate 6 senate employees and fulfill the criteria of 2/3rd ratio of senate employees which they termed a malafide action on part of the Circle Registrar.

The employees have urged the chairman Senate that the circle registrar might be directed to withdraw the notification dated June 17 which, in their view, lacked representation of employees of the Senate secretariat. Senate secretariat has sought comments from Registrar Cooperative Societies Department, ICT administration Islamabad on the complaint of the members, according to the documents.