KARACHI     -      Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, during his visit to different districts of the city, has directed transport department to complete BRTS Abdul Sattar Edhi Line (Orange Line) by removing all the bottlenecks such as shifting of utilities that it could be completed in time.

He was accompanied by Minister Local Government Saeed Ghani, Minister Transport Awais Shah on Sunday.

The chief minister went to Orangi where structure of BRT Abdul Sattar Edhi was still incomplete. Minister Transport Awais Shah told the chief minister that there were some issues such as the utilities of PTCL, K-Electric, KWSB and SSGC have been shifted but still they have not made their new connections so that stopped work could be completed. He added that there were some leakages of waterlines and overflow of sewerage line.

He said mostly people of Orangi and garbage vehicles dump their garbage along and inside BRT corridor.

The chief minister directed Minister Local Government Saeed Ghani to resolve the issues related to water board and garbage lifting. “I am very clear the Municipal Commissioners who cannot deliver remove them and post good officers there,” he told Minister Local Government.


BRT Abdul Sattar Edhi Line is 3.88 kilometers, including four bus stations one bus terminal. The project was started in April 2017. The cost of the project is Rs 643.35 million and its one-kilometer sis at grade and 1.5 km mix and both the stations would be at grade.

To a question of the chief minister, the Transport minister said that land for construction of bus Terminal from local transporters and police have been acquired. He directed the minister to expedite the work on the project so that it could be connected with the Green Line at Board office.

Medical College

The chief minister on his visit to Landhi visited under-construction Landhi Medical College building. The chief minister was told that the project was started some four year ago for Rs1200 million in which revenue component was Rs500 million. The government has released Rs650 million and the entire amount has been utilized now only 15 percent is left to complete.

The chief minister was told that Rs150 million additional fund was required to complete the project.

At this the chief minister directed Finance Department to release the amount within a week so that the remaining work of the college could be completed.

The chief minister said that the completion of the college would benefit to the local people of Landhi and rest of the city. “This project is most important and most be completed within next five months,” he directed DC Korangi Shaharyar Memon and directed him to keep posting progress of the project to him regularly.


The chief minister also visited two under-construction flyovers, at Korangi No 5 and Korangi No 2.1/2. Project Director Khalid Masroor told the chief minister the cost of each flyover was Rs335 million. Each flyover was 500 meters long and would make entire 12000 road signal free.

The chief minister reviewed the progress of the work and directed the PD to complete both the flyovers by September 2019. “These flyovers are most important and would resolve traffic problems in Korangi area,” he said. The chief minister expressed his displeasure of cleanliness work and lifting of garbage from the Korangi district. He directed Minister Local Government for taking action against DMC Korangi concerned officers for their failure to keep their district neat and clean.


Shah said that under Karachi Neighborhood Improvement project, a road from Pakistan Coastguard to Ibrahim Hyderi would be constructed for Rs500 million. “Today I have visited Korangi Creek, Mehran Highway and adjoining areas so that it can be connected with main roads for smooth flow of traffic,” he said and added the purpose of visiting these roads was to prepare feasibility. He said that he has started visiting the city and Inshallah people would see it being cleaned and constructed. “This is a beautiful city and we all have to make it more beautiful, neat and clean by demonstrating civic sense.”

To a question, he said that his government was working in Korangi but not a single flag of the party has been hoisted here. “Look at them [PTI and MQM] they were fighting on taking credit of the six-inch water lines being laid by KWSB in Sector 33, Block-E of Korangi area,” he said and added when the work was in progress the MPAs of both the parties reached there and started installing their party flags just to take the credit of the work, he lamented.

“Look at their sincerity and attitude that they [MQM and PTI MPAs] stopped the work because they were claimed to have started the work and when they could not convince to each other they toted guns to each other,” this is how they are serving the people of this city. “We are sincere with this city and its brave people and serving them with sincerity,” he said and added his party has not bagged even a single seat from here even then his government has launched development works in Korangi area.

To a question, the chief minister said that his has held a number of preparatory meetings to work out a plan to dispose rain water in case of heavy rains. “Local government department, KMC and DMCs are ready to handle any situation- they would be on the raods,” he said.


He said that the PTI government arrested a senior citizen, Irfan Siddiqui which is quite deplorable. He added that Siddiqui is 78 years old and was living in his son’s house and they termed it as rented house and arrested him and handcuffed him though he was a retired professor. 

He said that they [PTI govt] were setting up new records of tyranny against its opponents and they have arrested a MNA in narcotics case. “This is how the PTI government and people respect people,” he taunted.

To a question about PTI MPA Haleem Adil Shaikh, the chief minister said he was wanted by Anti-Corruption Establishment which summoned him for investigation. “We are demonstrating constraint against them and they would start screaming when decided to handle them with iron hands,” he warned and went on saying another PTI man [Alamgir] keep throwing trash and sewage on the gate of others. “This is how he was serving the people of this city,” he asked and said if was sincere in resolving the issue he must extend government hands and the hands of concerned DMCs.

Shah to a question about cleanliness of Korangi said that in this area there were two serious issues, the first and foremost is sweeping and lifting of garbage. The Korangi DMC has shown lethargy and he has directed Saeed Ghani, the local govt minister, to take actions against them and keep the district clean. He added that he has directed DC Korangi to held DMC Korangi in lifting garbage.