LAHORE – Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief Mustafa Kamal has assured the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Zaka Ashraf that they are still interested in touring Pakistan for a cricket series, and, if it wasn't for the High Court injunction, the tour would have not been postponed, it has been reliably learnt.

He expressed these view during a meeting with Zaka in Kuala Lumpur during the Annual General Meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the source revealed.

Mustafa again assured his counterpart Zaka that Bangladesh team will tour to Pakistan soon as soon as the Dhaka High Court permits them for Pakistan tour, the source revealed. The circumstances under which the tour of Bangladesh to Pakistan was postponed has threatened to tarnish the affable relationship between the two cricket boards.

After agreeing to become the first international cricket team to tour Pakistan in almost three years, the Bangladeshi board postponed the tour citing an injunction order from the Bangladesh court, but Kamal tried to explain BCB's stand over the matter. "The details of the matter are that some party has made a complaint to the court that Pakistan is not a safe place for the players to visit and doing so will be against the national interest," he added.

"This case is pending in the court and will be resolved with a hearing that is expected to happen within two weeks time. In the event that the court dismisses this case, the Bangladesh Cricket Board will have no objections to tour Pakistan and the tour will be arranged based on mutually agreed dates as soon as possible. We are still keen on touring Pakistan," he said.

The Dhaka High Court will hear the case on July 12 and it is expected that the BCB will be allowed to send its team to tour Pakistan, the source said. The source said that if it happens then the efforts of PCB chief, who is trying hard and dedicatedly for the revival of cricket in Pakistan, will prove a great achievement for him and his country.

Pakistan has not hosted a Test nation since 2009 after the attack on the Sri Lankan team bus which heaved a sigh of relief as Bangladesh agreed to tour the country in April to play a two match series while intervention from a Dhaka court led to the cancellation of that tour.

Since then Pakistan's efforts to host a series has gone futile as they have made United Arab Emirates (UAE) their cricketing home, to host matches as international teams weren't willing to tour the country due to security concerns and as a result Pakistan losing millions of dollars yearly.

Pakistan was looking to host arch-rival India for playing series in Pakistan or at any neutral venue as they were due to tour Pakistan in 2008 but after the Mumbai attacks the Indians cancelled their tour and froze the cricket ties with Pakistan. Pakistan is ready to play in India and efforts to hold a short series between December 22, 2012 and January 10 are on and it is expected that if India agreed to host this series Pakistan likely to visit for a short tour to India.