ISLAMABAD - The Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Thursday unveiled - the most equivocal and vague - Authority’s budget of Rs28.32 billion for the fiscal year 2012-13.

The poorly drafted budget document does not reflect any allocations for the ongoing projects. There are no allocations against the provision of portable water, development of Park Enclave, development of stalled sectors etc.

A hefty amount of Rs16.025 billion has been set aside for the development of the federal capital, but against what sort of development it would be utilized, the budget document is silent about it. It is also first time in the Authority’s history that 31 per cent (Rs4.5 billion) of the allocations made under the self-financing account would go for some “unforeseen works”.

The total outlay of budget for upcoming fiscal year is approximately 18 percent higher than the outgoing financial year 2011-12. The Authority will generate Rs26.072 billion through its own resources, that is, Rs21.423 billion through sale of residential and commercial plots and Rs4.648 billion through revenue department that includes property tax, water charges, toll tax, municipal receipts, interest on deposits, sanitary receipts and other municipal charges.

The federal government would provide Rs1.69 billion to the Authority under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Rs1.798 billion under maintenance grant.

The maintenance grant would be utilized against the maintenance of government buildings including Presidency and Prime Minister House, Pak Secretariat, Parliament House, Parliament Lodges and other buildings. While Rs1.69 billion under PSDP would be utilized against 12 projects. The non-development budget is estimated to be Rs12.295 billion, which is 43 percent of the total outlay of the budget and 26 percent higher than the last financial year’s allocations under this head.

The Authority has earmarked Rs2.245 billion for 11 of its “new priority projects” - Rs500 million for the construction of 6000 flats including infrastructure development of Sector I-15, Rs400 million for Islamabad Metro Bus Service, Rs300 million each for construction of Margalla Avenue, construction of 11th Avenue and construction of pedestrian under passes in the federal capital, etc.