KARACHI – Karachi Metropolitan Corporation on Thursday announced Rs31.62 billion tax free budget for the next fiscal year 2012-13 with total estimated expenditure of Rs31.52 billion thus signifying a nominal surplus of Rs99.98 million.The current receipts for the fiscal year 2012-13 are pitched at Rs25.66 billion, capital receipts Rs2.95 billion and funds for District ADP Rs3 billion.KMC Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed in exercise of the powers vested in him by the Government formally approved the KMC budget for fiscal year 2012-13.Presenting the budget for new fiscal year 2012-13 at Civic Centre on Thursday, he said that the tax free budget worth Rs31,620.00 billion showed expected revenue estimates during 2012-13 at Rs31,629.14 million and expenditures estimates at Rs31,529.16 billion with a surplus of Rs99.98million. He said priority had been given to development works with the allocation of Rs9167.34 million to engineering department whereas another major amount of Rs3974.64 million set aside for the health sector to provide better facilities to citizens in KMC-run hospitals and dispensaries.Syed told the Education Department had been allocated with a handsome amount of Rs2754.73 million for up gradation of schools and bringing improvement in the standard of education in government schools. Rs2167.13 million had been set aside in the budget for provision of uninterrupted municipal services to the citizens of Karachi. Transport & Communication sector was allocated with a sum of Rs1624.08 million whereas a sum of Rs1067.13 million was allocated for development of parks and recreation facilities in the city.  He said other major allocations in the budget include Rs680.37million for Information Technology sector and Rs584.06million for the Sports and Recreation Department of KMC.He added that a sum of Rs4928.30 million was shown as expected revenue in the budget from various departments including local taxes, Estate, Katchi Abadies, Orangi Projects, Charged Parking and Land Department whereas an amount of Rs12800 million would be received by KMC from the government as Octroi Matching Grant and Rs3000 million in the head of District ADP.He said that the other major expected sources of income include Rs2105.44 million from Master Plan Department, Rs1147.25 million from Engineering Department, Rs1648.08 million from Municipal Utility Charges & Veterinary Department, Rs1080.65 million from Transport & Communication Department and Rs18.00 million from Municipal Services.Hussain Syed informed that many important development projects had been planned in the next fiscal year for which allocations were made in the KMC budget. These includes Rs850.00 million for Karachi Circular Railway Project, Rs777.52 million for development works of different roads, bridges and roundabouts, Rs750 million for construction of Car Parking Plaza at Shahabuddin Market, Rs500 million for Bus Rapid Transport Project, Rs500 million for up gradation of graveyards, Rs500 million for purchase of heavy machinery and equipments, Rs423 million for development of parks, Rs400 million for rehabilitation of inter city and union council roads, Rs400 million for wireless video surveillance system phase-II, Rs380.99 million for purchase of equipments and machinery for hospitals, Rs350 million for construction of roads, roundabouts and culverts, Rs348 million for development works of KMDC, Rs250 million for development works of Orangi and Landhi Cottage Industrial Zones, Rs74.51million for repairing and improvement works of 5000 Road Nagan Chowrangi to Sakhi Hasan and Nagan Chowrangi to Surjani Roundabout.Rs50 million for construction of storm water drains, Rs30million for Karachi Mass Transit Project. A total of 85 major projects would be carried out under ADP with a cost of Rs3750 million whereas 36 small and big projects would also be completed under ADP with a cost of Rs380 million.Syed said that the budget had been prepared in the light of SLGO 1979 with a view to make the city of Karachi a well developed and organized city. Despite having limited resources, we have tried to allocate adequate amount for every sector of civic life. No new tax was levied in the budget and the recovery of taxes during 2012-13 would be made sure so that the journey of progress and development could continue.