LAHORE - Anticipating deepening of crisis because of PPP’s stubbornness toward judicial decisions, the PML-N deems holding of election by October next the best way to stave off further trouble to the nation.

The opposition party is also preparing for frustrating federal government’s plans to bring in 21st constitutional amendment to clip the Supreme Court talons by bisecting it into Constitutional and Regular courts, and snatching away its suo moto power.

In view of the conduct of disqualified PM Gilani regarding the SC decisions, the PML-N fears the PPP government this time too would not write to the Swiss authorities for reopening graft cases against President Zardari, and drag feet on the issue of dual office of Zardari. Hence the ruling party would be inviting a fresh institutional confrontation in the already tension-ridden atmosphere.

The PML-N believes and, as a matter of decision already taken, it will remain committed to protecting the judiciary against any government attack. Since a constitutional amendment would require two-thirds support in the parliament, the opposition party is waiting to see which parties in and out of the ruling coalition would stand with the PPP on this issue.

At the time of the giving legal cover to the NRO in 2010, the MQM had withdrawn its support; so this time too, the PML-N expects that some if not all the coalition partners would detach themselves from any onslaught on the popular judiciary, particularly when election are round the corner.

The PML-N wants fresh elections by October-November to let the masses decide on the issues on which the ruling and opposition parties have different stance.

No amendment to cut down judicial powers is acceptable to the PML and it will strongly resist any such attempt on the government’s part, Senator Mushahiddullah Khan told this scribe, stressing that early election would be best solution in the present situation as it would also counter any threat to the democracy.

About PPP’s plea that Charter of Democracy (CoD), also signed by PML-N, provides for the division of SC, Mushahidduah said the ruling party kept the Charter dormant for over four years of its rule but now wants to invoke it to fulfill its nefarious agenda against the judiciary.

The senator was also unoptimistic about government’s obeying the fresh SC orders and foresaw more problems being created by it.

He said his party was in touch with others to resist any ill move against the SC and to level ground to elicit consensus for early election.

Mushahidduah also emphasised earliest contact between PM Raja Pervez Ashraf and Leader of the Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan for consultation over the appointment of a neutral election commissioner and the caretaker set up. Mushahid sounded satisfied that in the presence of 20th amendment the role of the president in the appointment of caretakers has been minimised.