NAROWAL - The rulers are talking of setting up four Supreme Courts and impeachment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan but they do not like to talk about the return of nation money looted by President Zardari. PML-N Deputy General Secretary Ch Ahsan Iqbal stated this while talking to media men here the other day.

He pointed out the country was facing worst financial crisis but the ruling parties were busy in distribution of ministries. He lamented that the PML-Q in the past had moved petitions against the “Raja Rental” in Supreme Court but now for its own benefit talking for ministries with him. He said the election of the Prime Minister had juxtaposed who were working personal benefits and who were observing principles in politics for the national interest.

He said that all those who voted for “Raja Rental” were selfish and had misused their mandate for their personal gains. Ahsan Iqbal claimed that the PML-N was the only political party which had taken a principled stance and then stood by it.

The PML-N leader said the ruling parties were unable to suggest any safe way for the people to get out of the crisis. He said the only way was the fresh elections and “we will force the government to adopt the way of fresh elections to get out of the fix.” He said that its time for people of Pakistan to decide who was right in the battle with judiciary.

He said the government has put at stake the sovereignty and solidarity of Pakistan and its vital institutions only to save looted money of President Zardari. He said that the government acts were ruining the constitution, democracy and Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said that the PML-Q was part of all the mistakes and crimes committed by PPP government, so, they would suffer worst defeats at the hands of people in the upcoming elections.