KOT RADHA KISHAN - The elections for the new body of Press Club for year 2012-13 were held here during which Ch Rafique Kamboh was elected as new president here the other day.

According to detail, election of Press Club Kot Radha Kishan for year of 2012-13 was conducted under the supervision of MPA Malik Akhtar Hussain Naul.

According to results, Ch Muhammad Rafique Kamboh was elected as a president unanimously, Rana Khalid Mahmood Goshi was elected as vice president, Mazhar Qureshi as general Secretary, Ch Nasir Zulfiqar as information Secretary while Abdul Razzaq was elected as chairman executive council.

On the occasion, MPA Malik Akhtar said that the role of journalists were of great significance as they help- the government by pinpointing problems of society. He pointed out that no doubt the media had become the fourth pillar of the state but it must understand the limits of Constitutional freedom.