KHYBER AGENCY – The security of Landi Kotal bazaar was taken back from Khasadar Force and handed over to the Levies personnel under special directions issued by the political administration, official sources said on Thursday.

They said after June 16 deadly blast in Landi Kotal bazaar, which caused 26 persons death, the Khasadar Force was being blamed for poor security measures and all segments of the society along with trader union of the bazaar was expressing reservation over the negligence of the force. Keeping in view public opinion, last day the political administration of Landi Kotal replaced the Khasadar force with levies forces for security and traffic systems of Landi Kotal bazaar, an official of the administration said.

On the first day the levies forces personnel visited different part of the bazaar, deployed its troops on every square and cleared all encroachments, sources said. They reviewed all taxi stands to make possible easy flow of traffic.

On the other hand, the dwellers of the area and traders of the bazaar appreciated the decision of the administration and hoped that the levies force would not only take concrete step to provide them security and foiled any terrorist act but would also improve traffic system in the bazaar to facilitate the customers.