KARACHI - Muhammad Irfan Moton, Chairman SITE Association of Industry, has suggested the government to manage loadshedding through arranging furnace oil rather than cutting the gas supply to the industry. According to a statement, he also rejected the proposal of federal government to cut gas supply to the industries of Karachi for two days a week and asked the government to give a second thought to its decision.Chairman SITE took strong exception of government’s attitude of taking decision pertaining to industries without taking it into confidence and urged the government to ask KESC to use furnace oil and generate power to meet the required shortfall instead of closing the industries. He said that at a meeting on the energy crisis, newly-elected Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had suggested curtailing gas supply to the industry and providing 28,000 tons of furnace oil to power producers to improve the supply but it is beyond understanding that why is the government trying to hit the industrial sector. He was of the view that closing down a productive sector of economy would lead to further unemployment and exports loss to the country. The government should plug loopholes of theft, corruption, revamping of plants capacity which are closed idle.He criticized the government for not consulting business community on the issue. Moton said the industries are already operating below capacity that had hit exports by 30 percent in 2011-12 besides suffering heavy losses due to the short supply of energy and reduction in gas pressure to minimum, which is insufficient to run the machinery. 

He expressed hope that sanity would prevail in the government circles and gas supply to the industry would continue, so that industry could operate on its full potential to increase exports and to generate employment opportunities in the country. The present unwise policy will have crippling effect on the industries that will have no option but to close down their factories, resulting in increasing unemployment level to the extreme and short supply of goods and services shooting up the inflation rate sky high.